This article is for developers that want to deploy projects from local DB-MySQL Workbench to Heroku . I’m assuming that you already know how to use MySQL Workbench in your local machine and that you already deploy one or two projects to Heroku .

I hope that in couple of steps you will have your local project connected to JawsDB MySQL.

Step 1 :

I’m assuming that you already open a new project in Heroku.

Step 1
  • Click where it says Configure Add-ons (yellow color in the picture).
  • Next window that will pop up :

Basic tutorial using CSS, HTML and JS to create Dark and Light mode in your page .

Note :

Don’t forget to import yours CSS file and JS file inside the HTM file.

  1. HTML Code :
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="./style.css">
<div id="toggleBtn" class="toggler">
<div id="toggleDisplay" class="toggle toggleFalse"></div>
<script src="./app.js"></script>

2. CSS Code :


display: flex;
justify-content: flex-end;
align-items: center;
min-height: 50px;
height: 10vh;
background-color: black;

margin: 0;

.darkMode {
color: white;
background-color: black;

In this article I want to share my experience what is better — coding Bootcamp or Computer Science Degree ?

Before I begin with my article , I just want to say that before I decided to study computer science I didn’t have any knowledge or what is the meaning of coding. The one thing I knew is that I was very interested in the term .

Let’s start where it’s all begin . 6 years ago I decided to study computer science because I felt that this is the best practice and the best way to gain your knowledge…

My story begins 6 months ago when I decided to begin a new journey as a full stack web developer at UC Berkley Extension.

Before I started my journey as a full stack web developer I received a small pre-workout that supposed to prepare me to the course. The pre-workout include sections , like what is HTML , CSS and JS and many other sections . One of the sections was the new technologies that I am going to use during my course as Slack, Git bash and others technologies. …

Secrets of the console

The first time I was introduced to Chrome DevTools I didn’t understand how powerful they are. As I used them in more projects, it became clear that they were doing a lot to help me to find errors quickly.

In this article I want to share tools that can help new developers.

Philip Kouchner

Help new developers at their journey

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